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Need something to feed your soul in the morning?

We have a variety of freshly-made pastries every morning. We sometimes run out of popular morning goodies. So if there is something you really would like, you can always call the day before to place an order for pick-up.

Morning Goodies

Cake Doughnuts

Comes in a bakers dozen.


$.85 each


$9.75 dozen

Yeast Doughnuts

Glazed, Chocolate, Maple, Chocolate with Sprinkles, etc.



Cinnamon Twist

A yeast doughnut with cinnamon and sugar.




We have an assortment of Muffins.




Cherry , Apple



Mini Muffins

$0.50 Each

$5.50 Dozen

Jelly/Custard Filled

Yeast doughnut filled with something yummy!



Cherry or Raspberry

Cheese Danish



Almond Bearclaw



Sausage Biscuit




Cherry Pecan Scones



 Cinnamon Roll        $3.75

Pecan Sticky Roll 


Cherry Rolls and Apple Rolls

Have to be ordered        $4.00



Our coffee is from 'So Good Coffee'  

Roasted in Empire, Michigan


Large Thermos


Small Coffee


Large Coffee


Drinks Menu

We also offer some bottled beverages.



Gateorade 12 oz


Iced Coffee







Can of Pop


Coconut Water


Ice Tea


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